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Using a process map not only helps you to understand your system as a whole and how the various elements interact with each other, it can also help you identify strengths to build upon and opportunities for growth.

In this video, you will learn how using a process map at the beginning of your improvement initiative can help teams:

  • Take a critical look at how the system is designed and to notice specific problems or failures, especially related to inequities, biases and inconsistencies in how the process functions
  • Identify unclear or missing steps in a process, or
  • Illuminate redundant steps or bottlenecks that could create waste or frustration for stakeholders
  • Align around the current versus ideal state of a process to guide the development of potential solutions

Process maps are tools that help build alignment and consensus, and help ensure that all key stakeholders are included in your improvement initiative. By developing these maps, you’ll save time, resources and increase the likelihood of creating more equitable outcomes.

Download the tools mentioned in the video here.






We're ready to learn more, are you?

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