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Our story

Shift was founded in 2016 with two main goals:  Use improvement methods to address society’s most pressing inequities; and create an empowering and energizing place for people inspired by change to thrive. As individuals with unique lived experiences who care deeply about the work we do, our vision is to use our skills to help make the world and the workplace a more just and equitable place.

As an organization striving to enact systems-level improvement, we recognize the importance of understanding and dismantling racist systems in service of building new ones that give all people the opportunity to thrive. We believe that improvement methods and tools are only a starting place for change. The deepest, most meaningful impact will occur when we unite the full spectrum of a community in a shared vision of transforming their systems beyond its current reality.

Our commitments to becoming an anti-racist organization.

Our Principles

United by the belief that
better is possible.

Our shared values - as an organization and as individuals - guide the work that we do, and the outcomes we aim to achieve.

See the Whole Person

We believe that health, wellness, and a sense of purpose are critical to who we are and fuels our best work. We recognize that each and every one of us lead full lives — and approach each other from a place of empathy and respect.

Champion Inclusivity

Our team is a dedicated community of active and intentional listeners. We’re committed to including the voices, viewpoints and lived experiences that are often underrepresented. The impact of our actions is more important than our intentions and is critical to our success and the success of our partners.

Embrace Feedback

Our team gives and receives feedback with grace. We openly explore our own opportunities for growth and encourage it in each other. Our success relies on this willingness to learn.

Create Joy

Joy and holistic happiness are essential to our team, our partners, and our work together. We make time to celebrate with each other and stay connected, no matter where we are in the world.

Learn & Adapt

We embrace opportunities to unlearn and look for ways to improve. We have the humility to recognize that we always have more to learn, the integrity to have difficult conversations, and the conviction that better is possible. Experience makes the best teacher.

Take Ownership

We are a team of leaders. We hold collective responsibility for the outcome of our work. We show up, respect the role that each team member fills, and are never above doing any job that is needed. If we oppose, we propose.

Keep It Real

We’re authentic, show our passions, and have compassion for others even when we do not share the same experience.

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Shift is a proud member of the U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce

We're ready to learn more, are you?

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