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As part of Shift’s culture-building efforts with La’Kita Williams of CoCreate Work, our team decided on a set of seven core principles that guide our collaborations, both within the organization and with our partners. In a series of posts, we will highlight each principle and resources for putting these principles to work creating more equitable outcomes.

Principle in Focus: Keep It Real

“We’re authentic, show our passions, and have compassion for others even when we do not share the same experiences.”



    • Self-awareness and empathy are crucial to engaging with improvement work. Read more about our Improvement Advisor Cori Davis’s experiences working with nursing home staff during the pandemic.

    • Recognizing our own stumbling blocks along the path to building the workplace culture we wanted is pivotal to moving forward toward those goals.

    • Our team emphasizes ongoing learning and continually fine-tuning solutions so that we have the highest possible likelihood of success.

We're ready to learn more, are you?

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