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The process of shaping Shift’s culture with CoCreate Work led to the implementation of 10% Teams, which are, according to Shift’s founder Karen Zeribi,  “a way for us, as a small organization, to use the pockets of availability and energy we have to lean into the things that people are really interested in.”  The 10% Team structure gives all staff the opportunity to work together to create and put into practice policies and structures that support Shift’s culture and mission, enabling us to take ownership of Shift’s values and priorities.

10% Team in Focus: People & Celebration

The People & Celebration Team’s goals are to create joy, champion inclusivity, and see the whole person, all core Shift principles. Celebrating birthdays and milestones is just the beginning for this team; their work is centered on nurturing a workplace community despite having an entirely remote workforce

As we begin a new year, the People & Celebration team reflects on their major accomplishments of 2021:

    • They planned and coordinated a series of virtual events to bring Shift together, including a Halloween virtual puzzle room and some end-of-year trivia.

    • They facilitated “Bernie Meme Madness,” a fun activity that got the entire Shift team involved for some shared silliness.

    • They piloted some ideas for team members to interact one-on-one and as a group, balancing synchronous and asynchronous activities -- trying to veer away from the “forced virtual fun” of 2020!

Goals for 2022 include:

    • Continuing to evolve our virtual events, striving for an easy-going, natural space for enjoyment and team building.

    • Continuing to encourage and empower Shift team members to take “watercooler” time to strengthen personal relationships within the organization.

    • Improving onboarding processes to accommodate the remote workplace and ensure a welcoming environment for new employees.


We're ready to learn more, are you?

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