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Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS) partners with education systems to transform schools and school districts into places where students enroll, participate, and feel a sense of belonging in advanced courses. Over the course of their partnership with EOS, schools and districts deeply examine their systems to increase participation in advanced courses for low-income students and students of color, improve student experience and success, shift adult mindsets and practices, and build educator capacity to use data to inform decision-making and student success.

To continuously build upon and sustain these successes, it is crucial that educators solidify shared approaches to continuously identify and address inequities. Continuous improvement offers a powerful approach and methodology for school leaders and educators to facilitate change in their environment.

our approach

Shift worked closely with leaders from EOS to facilitate the co-design of an equity-centered approach to continuous improvement to serve as a shared approach and methodology for schools and school districts to make systemic changes, particularly as they notice and raise questions about inequities in the education system.

This project entailed:

  • facilitating co-design sessions among EOS leaders to situate an equity-centered approach to continuous improvement within their model
  • co-creating a continuous improvement playbook with relevant examples for district and school-based equity teams,
  • developing templates to be utilized by district and school-based equity teams as they make change in their context
  • designing and leading a "train the trainer” workshop series for internal EOS staff,
  • providing coaching to plan for implementation


Equal Opportunity Schools

Catalyst:Ed facilitated the project matching process to help Equal Opportunity Schools find aligned providers and managed the funds for this project

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