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Working to improve critical connections in our communities to improve vital service delivery at every stage of life.

Social service organizations play a critical role in improving the wellbeing of individuals, families, and communities. Including services such as education, job training, continuous housing, mental health support, supporting parent leadership from pregnancy to early childhood development and learning, these public services aim to build more resilient communities, and promote equitable opportunity.

Unfortunately, these systems are often underfunded and heavily scrutinized due to entrenched beliefs about who needs these services and why they need them. Social service organizations must function as strong advocates for their clients, must be able to show that they are providing services in a cost-effective manner while also ensuring that their services are designed in a culturally appropriate, person-centered way that meets the needs of every client -- whether they are a newly arrived refugee family in need of housing support or an HIV positive teen in need of healthcare. In this environment it is vitally important that organizations are able to prove that their interventions are effective.

CI is uniquely suited to improvement of service delivery as doing more with less requires developing and testing creative solutions with the input of clients and service providers at the forefront of program design. Shift partners with social service-based organizations and the families they serve, to design systems that create meaningful and sustainable improvement.

We're ready to learn more, are you?

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